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Fight the fever.


Malaria has killed more people than all the diseases and wars in the world combined. It still kills one child per minute in sub-Saharan Africa. We want to change that.


What if there was an herb that could defeat the malaria parasite and save a thousand lives per day, every day? One you could grow in your backyard, which costs next to nothing, and could be easily available for everybody in need?

Resistance to the herb Artemisia is strong. Pharmaceutical companies fear for their profits. Big donors propagate commercial high-tech solutions. (Neo)colonial patterns are perpetuated and the African continent is further plundered. And even the WHO is not committed to local solutions. Fight the Fever is working with a team of (African) activists and recognized malaria experts for a change in international Malaria policy.

Our successful feature documentary THE FEVER is a powerful account of three dedicated Fever Fighters in Kenya and Uganda. They show us that simple, local solutions like Artemisia tea for malaria can save many lives. “If we remove Malaria from Africa, Africa would jump out of poverty!”

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Fever Fighters in Uganda

You want to become a fever fighter?

To get active is easy!

We want to spread information about simple, sustainable, local solutions that can save millions of lives and support the self-sufficiency of the African countries impacted by this deadly disease. We support Africans (primarily in Kenya and Uganda), who are affected by this deadly disease, in their phyto-therapeutic measures.

The Fever is a wonderful film about a horrible disease and the continuation of a monstrous colonial story.

ORF-Radio Fm4 – Filmkritik


Help us to spread the seeds and the message and support us to reach our goals!


  •  spread the knowledge about local sustainable solutions against malaria through grassroots organizations and activists

  •  help fundraising for translations of THE FEVER into local languages, so we can send cinema trucks with inflatable screens and beamer kits through affected countries to show THE FEVER and distribute Artemisia seeds

  •  educate people in the Global North about profit-based health policies causing millions of preventable deaths in Africa

  • mobilize citizens worldwide to put pressure on the WHO to end their ban on Artemisia tea